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  • When you license our online courses, we provide you with the e-learning modules in a format that you can house on your firm’s learning management software or intranet.
  • Mobile first design – intended for learners to take on their phones or laptops
  • Configurable lessons – mix/match lessons to create your own tailored program
  • Branded – apply your brand, color and logo to the program

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Law firms devote significant resources and time to hiring and training women lawyers, but this investment is meaningless if they leave. The negative impact of workplace inequities can

lead to departure: simply put, when a lawyer’s work/life equation doesn’t add up at one firm, she’ll look for a firm where it does. To address the issue, ALL leaders must be a part of the inclusion conversation. 

Men in particular, many in senior positions, need to be invited to contribute to solving for the systemic issues within our firms.

In this training, we  will use evidenced based behavioral models to equip men, managers and leaders to intentionally advance women in their businesses through the way they recruit, retain and work more effectively with women.

Rather than focusing on the negative and what not to do and say, we focus on inclusion and empathy in a quickly changing world.


This is our most frequently requested program from leadership, as we all have a stake in “overruling” burnout in the legal profession. Chronic stress inhibits problem solving, interferes with concentration, and is linked to burnout. In this program, we will cover the following:

  • Recognizing the signs of burnout
  • Learning the difference between stress and burnout and the nuanced differences in handling each
  • Describing how to create and implement flexible work policies, smart meetings, rest periods and more

As Editor at Large for Thrive Global's Overcoming Lawyer Burnout platform, Anjali will share her unique insights, tips and micro-steps to prevent and overturn burnout.  While it is impossible to completely eliminate stress from the workplace, this program will teach you to implement more mindful, respectful working practices. 


The legal profession is aware that mental health issues are prevalent, but we often don't realize the biases we have. This training raises awareness about mental health challenges, and focuses on resilience, communication and prioritizing personal wellbeing as we break the stigma around mental health. 


Lawyers are increasingly committed to creating truly diverse law firms, but more still needs to be done. In this training, we will discuss increased innovation through multi- generational teams, the importance of both diversity and inclusion with multi-generational groups, and the competitive advantage of having a wide array of perspectives. 


The power of organization is one of the most overlooked, yet critical, elements to our overall wellbeing. 

Clutter and disorganization at work and at home can cause a sense of overwhelm, problems concentrating, lack of efficiency, stress and anxiety.

Most firms don't include a paid personal assistant in their benefits package, but our system can eliminate the need for one. 7 Steps is one of our most requested programs, and you will walk away knowing more about the following:

-Activities List and Ideal Week

-Morning, Work, and Nightly Routines: Get More Sh*t Done

-The Cheapest Personal Assistant

- Batching and Multi- Switching

- Work Organization: Email, Files, Projects

- Home: Food, (Eating Well at Home and While Traveling) Closet, Kids

- Staying on Track


Meditation can be a polarizing word: lovers can't live without it, but haters often consider it to the a complete waste of time. In this training, we will cover topics like why mindful meditation doesn't have to suck, how to meditate with just 2 minutes a day, and how you can use your Spotify playlist to amp up your meditation game.