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SWEATOURS Program Offerings: 

  • Onsite Lunch & Lecture Series (Imposter Syndrome, Isolation, Stress Reduction and more)
  • Firm Wellness Programs
  • Onsite Wellness Workshops (pre- selected or customizable )
  • Corporate Wellness Consulting
  • Wellness Webinars
  • Women In Law Wellness Programs (Parents In Practice, Micro-Aggressions and more)
  • Law Student Well-Being Seminars
  • Conference & Workshop Speakers
  • Keynote Addresses (see Speaking Page or email us at

Sweatours Wellbeing App


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Our mission statement

The mission of Sweatours is to establish and maintain an improved wellness environment for the legal profession by:

1. Increasing awareness surrounding depression, anxiety, stress and mental health;

2. Encouraging personal and professional productivity, as well as increased social connection;

3. Improving access to financial, social, spiritual, physical, environmental, emotional, intellectual, and environmental well being tools;

4. Creating a dedicated forum through our app for  legal professionals to share wellness resources, questions, challenges, concerns and victories.