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Well-being in the Legal Profession: Let's Do it Together.

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What's With That Name: Sweatours?

Let's address the elephant in the room: our name sounds weird, right? Sweatours is actually an acronym for our areas of focus, listed below:

Social Connection:  

Asking for help is not a weakness. We help management and administration change their policies and mindsets so we can all feel comfortable enough to discuss our stresses and challenges with others in our field. 

Work Life Balance: 

This profession needs to calm the F down. Not everything is an emergency. Responding to emails at 11pm should not be a norm and vacations/leave should not make you feel guilty. We educate management on how to find a better way.


Getting out for a few minutes a day shouldn't be an indulgence; it should be an encouraged habit. We offer seminars and workshops that hammer in the obvious: movement is good. We offer easy to follow tips and resources for students and lawyers. 


We need to appreciate the small moments in our life that make us happy and get back to them. We show schools and firms how to process this reality, so that you can work without resentment and appreciate your life without apologies.

Time Management

Working until you fall to pieces is not sustainable, and our profession needs to stop glorifying that idea. We create customized programming to help higher ups restructure how they treat their most valuable assets: their employees/students. 

Organizational Involvement: 

Bar Associations, firms and law schools all need to play a part in increasing awareness and reducing stigma associated with mental health and well-being. We help make that happen through our management training, on site consults, and app. 


Understanding that we don't all work the same way or learn the same way is important for everyone at the table. We offer tools, tips, and workshops to complement various learning styles.


Firms and schools confuse endurance and resilience. We educate you on the difference, so you don't burn out. 

Stress Management

Stress management comes from an improved work and school culture and from individual micro steps. Mindfulness plays a big part. What does that mean? We'll tell you, show you, and walk you through it. 


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