Sweatours proudly supports MOM Project, connecting lawyer and military moms to jobs.


Lawyer Wellbeing and Inclusion: Let's Do it Together

Lawyer Wellbeing and Inclusion: Let's Do it Together

Lawyer Wellbeing and Inclusion: Let's Do it TogetherLawyer Wellbeing and Inclusion: Let's Do it TogetherLawyer Wellbeing and Inclusion: Let's Do it Together

 Building Inclusive, Healthy and Connected Cultures 


What's With That Name: Sweatours?

Let's address the elephant in the room: our name sounds weird, right? Sweatours is actually an acronym for our areas of focus, listed below:

Social Connection:  

Asking for help is not a weakness. We help management and administration change their policies and mindsets, particularly with working mothers, so we can all feel comfortable enough to discuss our stresses and challenges with others in our field. 

Work Life Integration: 

This profession needs to calm the F down. Not everything is an emergency. Responding to emails at 11pm should not be a norm and vacations/leave should not make you feel guilty. We educate management on how to find a better way. With a rise in attrition rates for women lawyers, we help you make changes so you can retain your best talent. We are a proud partner and supporter of the MOM PROJECT, connecting talented women with world-class employers that respect work and life integration.


The term "Mommy Track" needs to exit our vernacular. Gender discrimination claims are damaging to a firm's reputation and devastating to its victims. With access to over 1800 lawyer mothers, we can talk to you in real time about the issues impacting lawyer mothers most.  


Mark Twain aptly stated: "the difference between the right word and the almost-right word is the difference between lightning and lightning bug." Tolerating working moms is not enough: they need to be accepted and appreciated in the workforce. We will show you how. 

Time Management

Working until you fall to pieces is not sustainable, and our profession needs to stop glorifying that idea, particularly with working parents. We create customized programming to help higher ups restructure how they treat their most valuable assets: their employees/students. 

Organizational Support for Diversity and Inclusion: 

Mere lip service isn't enough: more and more leaders are recognizing the importance and value that comes from creating an inclusive environment where all people and ideas are respected and heard. Our training combines large group activities, self reflection and small group conversation, and focus on issues like micro-aggressions and exploring identities. 

Understanding Lawyer Moms

Recent lawsuits against large law firms show that much more needs to be done to protect pregnant and working mothers. We will break down black box compensation, adaption of flexible work policies, true inclusiveness from the lens of a lawyer mother, and more.  


Firms and schools confuse endurance and resilience. We educate you on the difference, so you don't burn out. 

Stress Management

Stress management comes from an improved work and school culture and from individual micro steps. Mindfulness plays a big part. What does that mean? We'll tell you, show you, and walk you through it. 


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